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Handling Deleted Messages

WhatsApp Capture and Enterprise Number Capture enable users to delete messages. Telemessage will again archive the deleted messages, with the new deleted status. In addition, for each deleted message TeleMessage … Read more

How to open archived WhatsApp Opus files?

An OPUS file is an audio file created in the Opus format (also called “Ogg Opus“), a lossy audio format developed for Internet streaming. It uses both SILK (used by Skype) and CELT (from Xiph.Org) codecs and … Read more

Forwarding the App Logs

Applicable to End Users Capture Mobile WhatsApp Phone, when active on your phone, periodically checks the server and forwards the application logs to the server. This process is part of ... Read more

Does TeleMessage open the WhatsApp encryption?

The WhatsApp application used by TeleMessage keeps using the same end-to-end encryption methods against the WhatsApp /Facebook servers. TeleMessage is not changing the WhatsApp encryption nor any of its user … Read more

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