“The Top Security Breaches in History” Infographic Featured in Find It More October 2018 Issue

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Find It More, a multi-platform media that provides original and informative content about technology, business, lifestyle, and education, has included within its October 2018 publication the infographic on “The Top Security Breaches in History.” The infographic was created by TeleMessage, the leader in innovative and compliant SaaS mobile messaging and secure, real-time text message archiving for enterprises.

The infographic details the worst data security breaches ever seen in the history, with businesses and organizations from industries such as financial services and healthcare included in the list that have suffered from damaged reputation, lost revenue, hefty penalties, and high-profile litigation. Topping the list is Yahoo, which fell victim to a security breach in 2013 and 2014 – which in total exposed the personal information of about 3.5 million users.

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Visit Find It More October 2018 publication for more latest web technology and cybersecurity news and information on Find It More website.

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