Global Enterprise Mobility Trends Infographic Featured on TechWebSpace

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TechWebSpace, a multi-niche blog that features latest news and stories on computing mobile, digital marketing, and many more subjects, featured the infographic on global enterprise mobility trends that businesses – both startups and well-established brands – should be aware of in 2018 and the coming years.

The infographic touches on several anticipated trends such as more enterprise-tailored apps, increased adoption of BYOD policy, increased adoption of hybrid cloud technology, increased need for cross-platform apps, Artificial Intelligence usage rising, and multi-layered security model implementation.

The detailed graphic was made in accordance with TeleMessage’s advocacy to spread knowledge and awareness of the many ongoings of the mobile communications world, as the leader in innovative mobile messaging and mobile archiving solutions.

Check out the TeleMessage blog for more infographics and blog posts about mobile communication, secure messaging, and more.

Visit the infographic on “Global Enterprise Mobility Trends: in the TechWebSpace website.

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