Configure the WhatsApp Capture for my Employees

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To Configure the TeleMessage WhatsApp Capture for your Employees

  1. Fill your employee’s data in this Excel sheet as specified here.
  2. Note that TeleMessage has two WhatsApp capture products.
    Follow the steps below according to the product that you plan to use:
    To install and activate the WhatsApp Phone Capture for your employees follow:
    iOS installation instructions
    Android installation instructions
  3. To install and activate the WhatsApp Cloud Capture for your employees follow:
    • You should receive an email with your dedicated activation instructions and a link to a QR code on the TeleMessage site.
    • To activate from your mobile, follow the instructions at
    WhatsApp Cloud Capture Onboarding Guide

In addition, please consult our relevant FAQs about WhatsApp archiving: WhatsApp Phone Capture and WhatsApp Cloud Capture

To manage your users read the admin instructions, or login to the admin portal.

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