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Administrator Tool

Administrator Tools General The TeleMessage web portal enables you to compose messages to single and multiple recipients broadcast lists & groups, to view your sent and received messages, manage your ... Read more

Android Capture — Tutorial

Android Capture — Tutorial Android Capture is a lightweight archiving application installed on an Android mobile device that captures SMS, MMS, and voice calls. Employees send or receive messages, and ... Read more

WhatsApp Web and WhatsApp Desktop Guide

WhatsApp PC Guide
This WhatsApp Web/Desktop guide covers the following topics: (click on the links below or read the full guide) Install WhatsApp on Your Computer Running WhatsApp on Your Computer • Download ... Read more

WhatsApp Multi-Device Support Guide

Overview What is Whatsapp Multi-device How to enable Whatsapp multi-device support on your phone ? How to link Whatapp to your desktop or laptop computer ? How to link an ... Read more

Admin Portal — Tutorial

Admin Portal — Tutorial The Mobile admin portal, referred to as the admin portal in this guide, enables administrators to: Compose and send messages to single and multiple recipients. Compose ... Read more

WeChat Work ( WeCom ) Tutorial

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