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SMS to Landline

Use a text-to-speech engine to deliver text messages as calls to landline phones. The TeleMessage text to landline app is a robust and powerful multi platform and protocol engine.

TeleMessage´s SMS to Landline solution enables a user to type an SMS text message on their wireless phone and send it to any landline (wireline) phone. A Text-to-Speech engine converts the SMS landline message and plays it to the recipient over their landline phone. The recipient can reply using their own voice or select text replies. The reply is sent back to the original sender’s wireless phone as an SMS (or MMS).

With TeleMessage’s SMS text to landline app you can extend SMS to new markets, non-SMS users and visually impaired users.  Additional options allow users to send messages with Celebrity Voices, Personalized Greetings, Songs and more.

Multiple language support: English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Italian, Hindi, Chinese, Russian and much more.

TeleMessage and its partners can make the application available immediately through its SaaS Cloud data center, or by licensing a system – creating additional SMS landline revenues immediately!

Learn more about how TeleMessage converts SMS to Voice:

Read the TeleMessage SMS to Landline Datasheet.

Check the Sprint Text to Landline Case Study to learn how carriers are implementing SMS to Voice in their network.

Do you want to set up an SMS to Voice product demo?

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