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Mass Messaging Apps

Now your employees, co-workers, and subscribers can send and receive text messages directly to their mobile device.

Now your messages are safe & secure

Secure Messaging End-to-end encryption keeps messages secure

PIN Code Protection

Lock the app with a PIN code so only you have access to the app

Message Self Destruct

Messages will automatically delete after a certain period of time

Advanced Delivery Notifications

Know whether messages have been Sent, delivered, read or expired
You can trust us to deliver your messages

Fallback to SMS

Push notification messages that fail to deliver within a set amount of time are sent as standard SMS text messages

Critical Messaging

With our carrier-grade infrastructure you can rest assured that your important messages will reach their intended destination on time

Messaging made smarter

Seamless message delivery
Use smart push notification technology to deliver messages to other TeleMessage users


Create groups & chat with multiple users all at once

Never miss a message

You’ll know every time you get a message with pop up notifications, alerts,vibrate & blink LED.

Work how you want

Send Files & AttachmentsSend pictures, videos, audio files, and docs

Stay in sync

TeleMessage works across all devices & locations, whether it’s the app, web or APIs

Get The Apps & Check out our other message delivery products:

Read more about TeleMessage Push Notifications

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