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Voice Messaging

Bulk call delivery with audio recordings, Text-to-Speech and IVR

Automated voice messages and voice broadcast is ideal for sending alerts, notifications, reminders, promotions, surveys and more. An efficient and cost-effective way to reach subscribers. Fully customize messages by sending pre-recorded voice messages that are delivered to the recipient as a standard telephone call. Use our text-to-speech messages as voice broadcasts.

Call Prompt Customization

Our automated voice messaging solution is fully customizable.
Contact us to learn more.

Message Personalization

Add a personal touch to any message, whether
pre-recorded or text-to-speech.

Automatic Retries

Automated retry process until receipt is confirmed.

Message Escalation

Enable message escalation/chasing on several devices
until the recipient has been reached.

Status Reports

Get status reports on whether the call was delivered,
line busy, no-answer, or reached voicemail.


Send automatedvoice messages to as many recipients needed.

Automated Voice Messaging & Voice Broadcast Features

Text-to-speech personalization Live transfers Automatic retries
IVR Functionality Real-time reporting Complete scheduling control
Opt-out Bulk contact Reliable message
upload delivery

It’s easy to send Automated Voice Messages & Voice Broadcasts with TeleMessage.

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