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Mass Messaging

1. Sign Up

Sign Up for TeleMessage Mass Messaging by filling out a form  in the link below.

2. Get Access

Gain access to our multi-platform system.

3. Send Messages!

Start sending messages to many workers at the click of one button.

SMS Text Messages

Take advantage of TeleMessage’s low rates to send secure and reliable SMS messages to colleagues, clients, and partners.

Push Notifications

Push notifications allow you to send messages directly to the people who have installed the TeleMessage mobile application.

Voice Messaging

Send pre-recorded or text-to speech voice message that are delivered as a regular telephone call for a more personalized touch.

Fax Messaging

Notice: As of December 31, 2023 TeleMessage will no longer support fax services.


The TeleMessage web interface lets you send any combination of messages to multiple recipients.

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Mobile App

Availabe for Android and iOS, the TeleMessage mobile app is the ultimate secure text messaging app for business.

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Outlook Plug-In

Send SMS text messages, push notifications, voice & fax messages just as you would any other email.

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Messaging APIs

Automate your messaging experience with our APIs including REST, SOAP, XML, HTTP, pager replacement & more.

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Pager Replacement

Eliminate the need to carry a pager, and integrate your existing paging apps with our messaging gateway.

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TAP to Text

We support legacy protocols too. Connect your TAP software client to our TAP Messaging Gateway.

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Bulk Email

Our service is ideal for those who need a simple solution for sending bulk emails to potential and current customers.

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