SMS Text Messaging

Stay in touch with customers, suppliers, and partners

SMS messages are likely to be opened within just five minutes of being received, making them a highly effective tool for reaching anyone, anywhere. SMS text message marketing is ideal for any industry, whether healthcare, financial services, logistics, retail and more.
TeleMessage lets you create, send and track SMS text message marketing campaigns simply and easily.

Use SMS text messages to send customers:

Notifications & alerts

Appointment, payment, event & reservation reminders

Promotions, coupons & sales

Company updates & developments

Competitions & Sweepstakes

Sending SMS text messages with TeleMessage is easy:

Web to Mobile Messaging

Send and receive SMS text messages directly from your computer through the TeleMessage Web Interface or Outlook Plug-In.

Application-to-Person (A2P) Messaging

Connect to our messaging APIs to enable Application to-Person (A2P) messaging.

SMS Text Messaging Features

Send thousands of text messages instantlyTwo-way messagingSet up auto-replies
Personalized messages for all recipientsShort codes & long codesMessage scheduling
Opt-out for all campaignsRent local numbersReports & statistics
Message tracking & delivery confirmationSend messages internationallyBi-Directional Unicode
Message concatenationAutomatic message queueingAlphanumeric sender ID

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