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Use Cases

Separates critical messages from less important emails and text messages
Secures delivery of messages and responses
Provides automatic message delivery receipts and offers active acknowledgement of message and free-form text response
Enables directory look-up and user authentication
Initiates messages to other users on any type of device from a TeleMessage-enabled device
Enables remote application wipe and administration
Leverages cellular and Wi-Fi networks
Provides secure port directed SMS as a fallback to IP messages


• Proactive Cash Management: Alert cash management customers to events such as positive pay, maturing money market instruments, account balances, wire transfers, lock box postings, controlled disbursement and letter of credit payments
• New Product/Service Offers: Link related products to existing product offers (credit card balance messages that contain an offer for home equity loan)
• DIY Banking: Assist customers with updates and specific notifications
• Avoid Outstanding Bills: Alert customers and offer them the option to pay with credit card
• Loan Status Updates: Update clients on their loan status and connect them to a loan officer


• Stock Updates: Provide brokerage customers with threshold alerts on equities, earnings reports, and analyst recommendations with a response option to connect to a personal broker
• Maturing Investments: Alert investors to bond maturities and financial instrument deadlines
• Appointment Reminders: Improve attendance with interactive voice notifications asking clients to confirm or reschedule
• Maintenance Calls: Automatically deliver account maintenance calls providing the opportunity to connect with a live agent
• Incomplete Applications: Send potential investors follow-up calls for incomplete applications, capturing updated information directly over the telephone or via a transfer to the call center

Credit Card

• Fraud Processing: Automate fraud alerts to customers and immediately collect responses
• Account Activity: Notify customers by voice or text when transactions post to their accounts and credit limits are about to be reached
• Stored Value Alerts: Alert customers when stored values reach low thresholds and drive them to your web site or call center to replenish accounts
• Promotions: Market special offers to existing and potential customers using a unique opt-in approach insurance
• Renewal Notifications: Notify customers when insurance policy renewal payments are due
• Late Payment Reminders: Contact customers before the paper reminder is mailed and allow immediate payment during the call with credit card
• Confirm receipt of information: Adhere to legal notification requirements and offer customers personalized response options to automatically update your customer data files. For example: “Your application has been approved and you are eligible for our special discounted rate. To apply for…”
• Claims Status: Speed up the claims settlement process by notifying customers on the status of their claims, and connecting them directly with the adjuster working on their claim
• Application Processing: Keep customers up to date throughout the insurance application process. Place automated calls to clarify or submit missing medical information prior to life insurance approvals and upgrades
• Discounts on Premiums: Notify your customers of discounts and special programs that may save them money on their individual automobile insurance premiums. Because the discounts and programs vary by state and circumstance, messages are highly personalized and engender customer loyalty

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