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Use Cases

Separates critical messages from less important emails and text messages
Secures delivery of messages and responses
Provides automatic message delivery receipts and offers active acknowledgement of message and free-form text response
Enables directory look-up and user authentication
Initiates messages to other users on any type of device from a TeleMessage-enabled device
Enables remote application wipe and administration
Leverages cellular and Wi-Fi networks
Provides secure port directed SMS as a fallback to IP messages

By using TeleMessage solutions, healthcare professionals can not only send and receive patient information, but also potentially achieve the following goals:

Proactive Patient Care

• Better communication between healthcare providers and patients means fewer delays and queues
• Automatic reminders ensure patients comply with medical regimens
• Automatic follow-up procedures and customer satisfaction monitoring
• Intelligent scheduling and verification of doctors visits and other tests
• Automatic prescription notifications get directly to patients
• Test result notifications to specialists and patients
• Keep customers informed about issues related to medicines and prescription drug plans
• Include the illiterate, deaf and visually impaired with messages sent as voice messages

Improved Operations

• Speed up reaction times to emergency situations with automated group messaging
• Ensure staff compliance with compulsory receipt notification
• Centralize and automate staff communications and management
• Real time staff scheduling and updates of emergency data and work plan
• Automate reminders and confirm routine visit schedules with patients Implement cost-effective automated notification service to reduce inbound calls
• Reduce expensive missed visits by automatically confirming appointments with patients
• Communicate beyond pagers and contact mobile staff on their device of choice
• Simplify administrative communications by sending to individuals within distribution groups, ultimately addressing a “segment of one”
• Supplement or replace mailings with high-quality voice messages to ensure the information is received

More Effective Marketing

• Promote new drugs, tests, automate mail order and other offerings to drive costs down
• Healthcare bulletin alerts to patients, pharmacists and physicians of urgent drug-related developments and other important news affecting patients’ prescriptions schedules
• Handle promotions and market special offers to interested customers

In today’s increasingly mobile world, technology will undoubtedly continue to be a massive driver of greater efficiency. Healthcare professionals are typically eager to embrace and adapt new technologies. Used properly, messaging technology has the potential to revolutionize the quality of how health care is delivered to patients.

Take advantage of one the most important forms of communication in Healthcare today.

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