Emergency Management

TeleMessage’s messaging solutions enables the delivery of critical information to emergency personnel, law enforcement, government officials, and communities via text, push notifications, telephone, fax and email. By leveraging multiple messaging channels to securely and reliably deliver time-sensitive alerts, TeleMessage allows communities to react accordingly and emergency management teams to increase their effectiveness in protecting communities.

Use Cases
Security Warning
Distribution Disaster Warnings & Evacuation Notices
General Public Notices
Critical Response
Team Activation
Emergency Services Coordination
Eliciting Public Assistance

Key Benefits
Increase Communication Efficiency
Differentiate Communication with Intelligent & Proactive Messaging Management
Reduce Notification Costs
Increase Operational Efficiency

The Emergency Management Messaging Solution by TeleMessage is designed to assist emergency personnel in communicating with their communities and teams more effectively so that they can save lives, protect property and safeguard their environment in the event of a disaster.

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