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Send Fax-to-Mail and Mail-to-Fax & use Web blast and APIs for faxing

It’s time to get rid of your fax machine and send fax messages directly from your computer.

Fax to Email

Fax to Mail allows to receive an incoming fax calls via E1/T1/SIP or PBX interfaces. It can extract the sender
and recipient as well as convert the fax to image format. The system routes the fax received to an Email recipient,
files it in a web folder, sends it to an application using an XML API and sends SMS/ MMS notifications.



  • Can connect to any network interface for Fax calls interfacing and initiation: Connection to PBX/Switch using E1/T1/SIP/VoIP
  • Configurable Fax forward and routing rules: according to caller and called numbers
  • Allocation of unique Fax number for each user or shared numbers per group

Fax message routing can be based on:

  • Direct Inward Dialing (DID) Number
  • PBX extension number
  • Sender or Destination numbers

Ability to forward fax messages to:

  • Email recipients
  • The TeleMessage Web interface to view/manage messages
  • Delivery to other applications, or automated systems via our APIs
  • Sends text message or email alert upon fax message receipt

Email to Fax

Email to Fax allows users to send fax messages from an email, application, or web portal without needing a landline.
Sent faxes are stored in the system so they can be filed , tracked, deliver status check, and generate reports.


The system allows many interfaces for sending faxes:

  • Email to Fax (a simple SMTP format, e.g. 039235232@fax.domain.com )
  • Outlook Plug-In integrated with the address book and distribution lists
  • TeleMessage web interface
  • XML API for fax delivery and distribution from applications
  • Bulk Fax distribution and scheduled messaging
  • Fax delivery confirmation, delivery status and reports as well as retry mechanism
  • Fax conversion of any document attachment: text files, Word, PowerPoint, PDF, Excel, Images, and multi-lingual support.
  • Build a fax header template with company or personal details

Send fax messages from the web easily:

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