Why might WhatsApp Cloud Archiver Disconnect?

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TeleMessage WhatsApp Cloud Archiver service is activated as a “silent” linked device. It acts as a web session of WhatsApp Web.

This session might occasionally disconnect and the user will need to reconnect.

TeleMessage will inform the user and the user’s manager via email when a disconnection occurs and will continue the email alert on a weekly or daily basis according to the company TeleMessage settings until the session is successfully reconnected.

Disconnections mostly happen for 5 reasons:

  1. Poor internet connection – Unreliable or slow internet connections can cause specific applications to time out and disconnect due to a lack of communication between the app or website and the server.
  2. Inactive user sessions – The service “silent” web session can be viewed by WhatsApp servers as inactive which will cause sporadic disconnections.
  3. Inactive phone sessions – In case you phone is disconnected for over 2 weeks, your linked devices and web sessions will be disconnected.
  4. Server restarts – Meta/WhatsApp server updates and version updates could be responsible for suddenly disrupting your connection. As with any online service, there may be interruptions of service caused by system maintenance or technical difficulties.
  5. Encryption Token RefreshEvery few months, the encryption tokens between your app and mobile will need to be refreshed and updated. Which might cause a disconnect and require a QR code rescan.

For more information, see: WhatsApp Cloud Archiver Daily User Report

If you are experiencing disconnections that seem more frequent than expected, please contact TeleMessage support.

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