Why am I getting iMessages replies when I send SMS texts with my Enterprise Number Capture ?

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If you are using our Enterprise Number Capture (ENA) app, but getting replies from iOS users as iMessage that are not archived, it’s related to the following iPhone limitation/bug.

iPhone connects numbers of contacts into a single entity and bundles replies.

Let’s look at the following scenario:

  • Enterprise Number Capture user (Banker) : Susan JonesPersonal Mobile +1-818-483-0902 , Enterprise Number +1-617-562-4089
  • Customer (SMS receiver/sender)  : Lisa

Lisa has a contact entry for Susan Jones, and this  as a contact with 2 numbers. Mobile and enterprise

  • iMessage settings : both Susan and Lisa have iMessage setting ON and they are using their mobile number as iMessage ID.


  • When an Enterprise Number Capture user like Susan sends a text to a customer which has a contact for that ENA user with both mobile and Enterprise number.
  • The text message will show under the Bankers name thread.
  • In case there were no iMessage ever exchanged on this thread the SEND  arrow will be green and all is good.
  • In case an iMessage was previously exchanged on this thread then the iPhone will merge the communication into one thread.

The SEND icon will be blue and an iMessage will be sent rather than SMS.This iMessage will arrive at the iMessages app of Susan, rather than the Enterprise Number Capture app.


  • This is a bug/issue on iPhones.
  • The solution for this is to ask for the person you are communicating with to either:– Delete and replace your personal phone number in the contact, with your new enterprise number in the same contact she has for you on his phone.     OR   – Create a new separate contact for you with your new enterprise number (rather than add this number to your existing contact).
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