TeraSky Case Study – Portworx and HashiCorp for TeleMessage

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TeraSky Case Study – Portworx and HashiCorp for TeleMessage


 For more than 20 years, TeleMessage has been providing leading enterprise companies and global telecom carriers secure and reliable messaging and storage solutions both in the cloud and on-prem. In order to meet regulatory requirements for call recording and storage, TeleMessage was in need of a seamless and transparent, cloud-native data storage solution, one that would protect and encrypt files at scale through one point of management.

 The Problem

 TeleMessage had already implemented the open-source version of HashiCorp Vault and was using it for all of their secrets management. However, the growing volume of data that TeleMessage needed to encrypt required a robust storage-side solution without replacing the current security and secret management infrastructure.

 The Solution

 TeleMessage had already been using the open-source version of HashiCorp Vault secrets management system. After carefully reviewing Telemessage’s needs and goals – and because their production pipe required high availability, disaster recovery, and enterprise-level support in production – upgrading to Vault Enterprise was the clear first step. Next, TeraSky was able to incorporate Portworx® by Pure Storage to leverage this upgraded version of HashiCorp Vault. As a fully integrated solution for persistent storage, data protection, disaster recovery, data security, cross-cloud and data migrations, Portworx provides automated capacity management for applications running on Kubernetes. As the leading software-defined, cloud-native storage solution designed for Kubernetes, Portworx was ideal for meeting TeleMessage’s encryption and storage requirements — seamlessly storing encrypted data at rest, quickly, transparently, and without changing existing architecture or code.

Further, TeraSky worked directly with Portworx to add the customization of configuring Vault to act as the secret’s storage for the Portworx encryption and to store the encryption key there. “We were thrilled to work with TeraSky to implement this configuration to provide them with secure encryption and high performance for their cloud-native storage. The potential applications for a setup like this one are many, and similar integrations will undoubtedly save DevOps teams both money and headaches,” noted Murli Thirumale, VP and GM, from Portworx by Pure Storage.

The addition of Portworx enabled robust and scalable storage-side encryption without compromising the security level that was achieved with Vault security infrastructure. Throughout, TeleMessage was able to maintain full business continuity, proving the viability of this configuration in a production environment.

“TeraSky’s commitment to making sure our shared customers have the best possible experience and are able to truly optimize HashiCorp products is evident on every single project. In the case of TeleMessage, TeraSky’s creative combination of solutions really utilized HashiCorp Vault’s strengths to provide the best of all worlds” said Burzin Patel, Vice President of Global Alliances at HashiCorp.

 The Bottom Line

 TeleMessage connected with TeraSky for help charting the best course forward, to identify and implement a solution that would accelerate their data encryption and storage capabilities seamlessly. TeraSky was able to provide a customized solution with Portworx, a cloud-native storage and encryption product designed for Kubernetes architecture. By integrating the production-ready, enterprise version of Vault, TeleMessage was able to accelerate their data encryption and storage capabilities seamlessly. By creating a Vault cluster in coordination with Portworx, TeraSky made TeleMessage’s Vault setup more resistant to failure, and more resilient. TeleMessage achieved crucial regulatory compliance without the burden of learning and managing a new secrets management system.

“TeraSky’s creative and innovative approach to addressing our encryption and storage problem saved us time, money, and effort. By upgrading our existing Vault setup and integrating the Portworx solution, we were able to achieve regulatory compliance and scale our storage without skipping a beat.” Yossi Shteingart, Operations Manager, TeleMessage.

About TeleMessage Inc.

TeleMessage is widely recognized as an innovative messaging leader providing enterprises and mobile operators with mobility solutions and next-generation wireless communication technologies. Founded in 1999, TeleMessage has been helping organizations of all sizes across industries, including financial services, government, healthcare and network carriers globally to leverage the power of the mobile channel with our robust communications platform. The TeleMessage products portfolio includes: Mobile Archiver, Secure Enterprise Messaging and Mass Messaging. For more information, visit: www.telemessage.com


For Portworx:
Kaylin Deutscher

For TeraSky
Orly Garini-Dil

For TeleMessage:
Joy Deep
Digital Marketing Manager


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