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Telegram Capture Onboarding

1.    Download and installation


Before you install the Telegram Capture (TM TLGR app), ensure that your phone settings allow installations from unknown sources. Refer to this guide for feature instructions.

Navigate from your mobile browser to the installation link for Android.


In the App Center web page, tap DOWNLOAD.


Navigate from your mobile browser to the installation link you received.

In the App Center web page, tap INSTALL.

You might need to confirm the download. Tap INSTALL.

You might need to confirm the download. Tap Install.

The application will install/upgrade.

Tap OPEN and continue the registration process.

The application will install/upgrade.

Tap on the app’s icon and continue the registration process.

Did this warning message appear?

You need to enable Install apps from unknown sources.

Tap SETTINGS to enable.

For further instructions visit our guide.

Did this warning message appear?

You need to allow the installation from the developer.

For further instructions refer to this guide.

Did the following warning message appear?

The most common reason is missing UDID. Did you change phones?

For further instructions go to this guide or contact Telemessage support.

See registration instructions in below or start using the app in case you are upgrading.

Did you receive a new enterprise number for your Telegram Capture account?

NO – I am registering with my mobile number – continue to Telegram Registration.

YES – my welcome mail included a new enterprise number.

Do you already have the Telegram app on your phone registered with your mobile number and want to transfer your history to your new Telegram Capture app?

NO – I don’t have a Telegram account, or I have one but do not wish to transfer my chat history – Telegram Registration.

YES – I have a Telegram account and I wish to transfer my chat history – There are a few steps you need to do before you register your new enterprise number on Telegram Capture. Do not continue to Telegram Registration below but rather navigate to Transfer History Guide.

Telegram Registration.

Open the app and tap Start Messaging.

Enter the number assigned to you by TeleMessage support and tap the blue arrow button.

Enter the PIN code sent to you via SMS.
If you didn’t receive the SMS, please look at the next screenshot.

Note: If you previously signed into a Telegram app on another device, including your mobile native Telegram app, the pin-code will be sent to your other device, check your other devices (vanilla app, desktop, or web) for the code.

If you no longer have access to the other devices tap the Send the code as an SMS link.

If you still didn’t receive the code Telegram will call you with a recorded message of the activation-code.

Not all enterprise numbers support call forwarding to your mobile number. If you didn’t get the call, contact TeleMessage support.

You will be asked to configure your settings so Telegram can show incoming calls when the app is closed. Tap SETTINGS.

Change Show on Lock screen settings to on.

Tap back(◄) icon on your phone bottom menu.

That’s it! You are ready to go.

All your contacts that are Telegram users will appear in the app and you can start messaging them.


Message sent by the Telegram account, from any synced device (web, desktop, tablet, vanilla Telegram app), would be updated on the Telegram Capture (TM TLGRM) app and archived.

All your linked devices must be connected to the service while you exchange messages.

Secret chats are only archived from the Telegram Capture (TM TLGRM) app.

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