Local signing of WhatsApp Phone Archiver with an Apple enterprise certificate

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What you need

First part

Note Only one provision for “Whats_app” is required.

  • Send to TeleMessage the following:
    • APNS Key in p8 format.
    • Bundle Identifier of main application
    • Team ID string
    • Certificate name as it is written In keyChain(Copy Paste) + Screenshot of it.
      For example:

Second part

  • Receive from TeleMessage Script+IPA file.

Open a new folder, and put there those files [1 provision file, an IPA file, and our script].

Note you need to have 3 files in total.

IMPORTANT – Your provision should have the same name as displayed below!


To run the script, simply click on it. It is the file that ends with .command

This may pop up to you, if it does – follow the instructions (Attachment 1) and allow executing this kind of file on your computer. You can change it back to what it was after.

{ Or you can write in terminal:

sudo -s

sh ScriptForProvisionins.command }

The following screen may pop up to you as well. if it does follow the instructions (Attachment 2).

When it ends, you should see your folder like the following:.

Your app should work now.

Attachment 1


Attachment 2

Go to your system preferences

And then, Security and Privacy.

Click Open Anyway.

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