How to Configure the Enterprise Number Capture for my Employees?

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To set up the Enterprise Number Capture for your group

  1. Be sure all your employees are registered under your Admin and you activated an archiving destination for mobile messages.
    • Also validate if you’re archiving text messages, or voice calls as well.
    • You can  contact our support to assist you and verify that.
    • Finally, disable call forwarding on your employee mobile phones as explained here.
  2. If you are an administrators using an MDM/EMM tool, please contact our support for the Airwatch, Ivanti or other MDM version package and deployment instructions.
  3. You can also let employees install the Enterprise Number Capture . All users must install and activate the Capture Mobile App on their phone. They can do it from the following links:
  4. You can find specific instructions and a video of the download and activation process here
  5. The employees will have to register using their Mobile Phone Number.
    • If an employee didn’t get his Activation PIN code, you can find it and resend it in the Admin Portal
  6. We can allocate an enterprise number for your employees in a specific state or metro area, we can also port your fixed phones to the mobile application.
    • You can also allocate several numbers in different countries for a single employee.
    • Your employees can find their 2nd line phone number in the settings screen of the app.
  7. Once installed and activated, your employees can text and make calls using the Enterprise Number Capture , as explained here and in this video
    • Based on the license level you purchased, you might have only Text Messaging enabled.
    • If you’d like to activate calling capabilities, contact our Sales team.
  8. You can exchange secure messages and chats between co-workers that have the app installed, you can learn about it here and in this video
    • You can enable sending attachments and files to customers without the app as explained here
  9. For explanation of the Broadcast and Group chat capabilities read this
  10. To verify all archiving is working correctly, Send a test message and make sure it’s arriving to your corporate archive, as explained here
  11. Other important things to note: Do not send SMS with links from URL shortening services, Information about IP ports used by the application for calling

To manage your users read the admin instructions, or login to the admin portal.

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