How Does an Administrator Configure the Android Archiver for Employees

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To set up the Android Archiver for your group

  1. Make sure all your employees are registered under your Admin and you activated an archiving destination for mobile messages  (You can contact our support to assist you and verify that).
  2. If you are an administrators using an MDM/EMM tool:
    1. Install the Android Archiver agent on the mobile phones of your employees using the MDM/EMM and the APK provided to you
    2. To prevent employees from uninstalling the agent, add it to an app group which is prevented from un-installation
    3. Prevent employees from installing versions of the Android Archiver Agent from Google Play at this link
  3. To archive SMS/MMS
    1. Make sure that Enhanced Messaging is turned off 
    2. Enable the following setting: Device Settings > Applications > Messages App > Messages settings > More settings > Multimedia messages > Auto retrieve > ON (Note: Without this setting, only MMS messages manually downloaded will be archived)
    3. Minimum OS Supported for SMS/MMS archiving
      All devices with Jelly Bean 4.1.x
  4. To activate voice call recording:
  5. Send a test message and make sure it’s arriving to your corporate archive, as explained here
  6. You can now keep tracking the service events for problems.
  7. If employees are having trouble, they can report it to support 

Note: Android Archiver supports call waiting and conference calls. Format entry details here.

See also: Android Archiver with Voice Recording Support
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To manage your users read the admin instructions, or login to the admin portal.

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