How to Build and Deploy TeleMessage Mobile Apps with Apple Developer Program

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We recommend all our customers to use and deploy TeleMessage Mobile Apps using an Apple Developer Enterprise Program, Please read this FAQ for instructions.

Only in case you cannot apply for an Apple Developer Enterprise Program you can deploy via an Apple Developer Program as explained below.

Note that each Apple Developer Account can be used to deploy 100 mobile app users.


TeleMessage enables customers to deploy TeleMessage mobile applications with their Apple Developer Program (however, we recommend companies use the Apple Developer Enterprise Program as explained here  – it doesn’t have any of the limitations below).


  • Please note that each Apple Developer Account can be used to deploy 100 mobile apps on each account.
  • Each mobile phone installation requires adding the iPhone’s UDID to the Apple Account.
  • UDIDs can be changed only once a year when the account is renewed
  • TeleMessage mobile apps will only work within the same Apple Account. In case you are using more than one account, you won’t be able to backup from one account app and restore the same backup from another app under a different developer account.
  • We recommend keeping at least 20 empty UDID available for users who wish to change phones.

If you Already Have An Apple Developer Account – click here

If your company doesn’t have an Apple Account developer program, open a new account as explained below:

Create an Apple Developer Account:

  1. Open or use a dedicated account for your apple developer email, you will get notifications there and might use it for account recovery – so keep your credentials in a safe location.
  2. Register Apple ID:
    • Navigate from your web browser to!&page=signin
    • Press “Create your Apple ID” on the bottom
    • Fill all data. Use the newly created email or your corporate email mentioned in step #1 and store the password you use in a safe place.
    • Click continue.
  3. Enroll in the developer Program:
    • Navigate to
    • Login with the email/password you have created in steps  #1 and #2
    • Click “Join the Apple Developer Program” on the bottom
    • Click the “Enroll” button at the right top corner
    • Click “start your enrolment” at the bottom
    • Select “Company / Organization” in case you are registering as a company, or select “individual / Sole Proprietor” in case you are registering as individual
      Warning: in case you open Individual account – you won’t be able to add TeleMessage’s developer and you’ll have to provide your username and password from Apple Id
    • Click on the checkbox and click continue
    • Look for the “Pay” button and click it. Fill your credit card and billing address. Click continue
    • After up to 48 hours you should receive an email with the subject “Welcome to the Apple Developer Program” – it means you succeed in creating the account.

Add TeleMessage as a developer under your Company Account

TeleMessage will need a few actions by the account admin:

  1. Add TeleMessage developer to the account (See steps 1-7 below)
  2. Send your TeleMessage project / account manager 3 pieces of information : Issuer ID , KEY ID and API Key file. (See step 17, 18, 19 according to bullets change)

If your company already has a developer program you should add the TeleMessage developer with an “App Manager” role and grant “Access to Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles”:

  1. TeleMessage developer Email: , First Name: TeleMessage , Last Lame : Developer
  2. Navigate to
  3. Click “+”
  4. Select the “App Manager” checkbox
  5. Select the “Access to Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles” checkbox.
  6. Click Invite
  7. Get Application Key
  8. Enter
  9. Press “Users and Access”:
  10. Click on the “Keys” tab
  11. Click on the “Request Access” button
  12. Mark the checkbox and click the “Submit” button:
  13. Click the “Generate API Key” button
  14. Enter any name and choose “App Manager” access level
  15. Click the “Generate” button:
  16. Click “Issuer ID” and copy it to a new email and send it to your TeleMessage project / account manager.
  17. Copy “Key ID” and add to mail.
  18. Click download API key. Attach the AuthKey_XXXXXXXX.p8 file to the mail and send it to your TeleMessage project / account manager.
  19.  “Maintenance – READ CAREFULLY”: Section content:
        • The Apple Developer account portal enables several admin actions that could damage the app distribution and installation
        • Click here to read about account maintenance.


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