Does the Android Archiver Support Call Waiting and Conference Calls?

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TeleMessage Android Archiver can record and log simultaneous calls. An Android Archiver user can accept a call while on a an existing call and still record and log multiple simultaneous calls. The user can also dial an outgoing call while on an active call. When the phone is participating in multiple calls the user can swap between the calls or merge them into a conference call.

The TeleMessage Android Archiver will archive simultaneous calls in one archive entry with a single call recording file. Each call will have it’s start time, duration and call direction — in or out. The TeleMessage Android Archiver will archive these calls once the last active call terminates.

The archive entry consist of:

  1. One recorded file for the entire multiple calls duration.
  2. Start time is the beginning of the first call and end time is the end of the last call.
  3. The subject line description of the archived call will include the following: “Calls with multiple participants”
  4. The body of the archived call will include a table with all the call participants and the times in which each call participant joined the call

The format of these entries is as follows:

<Phone number who joined the call in international format >   <Date of call in format: Year-Month-Day>T<Time of call in format: Hour:Minute:Second in GMT>  <Type of call: Incoming or Outgoing>

Sample entry will look like the following: 

1-617-3592103  2018-11-15T07:21:21Z 00:14:32  Outgoing Call

1-781-4141833  2018-11-15T07:30:08Z 00:05:44   Incoming Call

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