To Bulk Enroll Employees for TeleMessage Mobile Archiving

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To enroll employees for TeleMessage Mobile Archiving products, follow these steps:

  1. Fill your employees data in this Excel sheet:
  2. You can find a sample entry and explanation of all fields below:
  • First Name – will be used to identify the user
  • Last Name – will be used to identify the user
  • Mobile number – Enter the number in international number format. Activation PIN will be sent to this mobile phone
  • Email – will be passed as metadata to the archive with each archived message

Optional fields:

  • UDID for iPhone WPA – Required just for iPhone users using the WhatsApp Phone Archiver
  • Preferred Enterprise Number Country Code – Enter full country name
  • Preferred Enterprise Number Area Code or State – Enter in three/two-character format
  • Corporate/BYOD– Designate the phone ownership model, either Corporate owned or employee BYOD
  • Android/iOS – Designate the phone operating system, either iOS or Android
  • WhatsApp Phone Archiver | WhatsApp Cloud Archiver – Designate the WhatsApp Archiving product you’d like to activate. Either WhatsApp Phone Archiver or WhatsApp Cloud Archiver


  • The country and state for allocating an Enterprise Number Archiver are optional fields, by default, we’ll provide a number in the same country as the mobile of the employee
  • For Network Archiver, we are required to identify your company with the mobile carrier. You will need to supply your FAN (Foundation Account Number) and BAN (Billing Account Number).
    These are typically found on your mobile phone bill.
  1. Once you completed filling the employee details in the excel, Email the completed excel sheet to your account manager, project manager or to
    If you didn’t configure not provide any archiving desitnation yet, please include: Company Name, Admin Details, and ingest email for archiving mobile messages.

Note: TeleMessage will create the company admin and configure the initial users with enterprise numbers, to allow swift onboarding.

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