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TeleMessage enables enterprise customers who need to record their employee WhatsApp application to deploy the WhatsApp Phone Capture from the company’s private Google Play private store. This is popular with customers who are using Google Enterprise with an MDM.

TeleMessage WhatsApp Capture needs the organization ID, to enable the WhatsApp Phone Capture to appear in the company’s private store

1. Getting your organization ID

Sign in to your enterprise managed Google Play Store (

2. Private Store Provisioning

  • TeleMessage will provision the org ID for WhatsApp Phone Capture on Google Private Store.
  • It takes up to 7 days for Google to provision new org IDs.

3. Searching for the application

  • Navigate to the Shop on the left side menu. Search for TM WPA in the Google Play search bar (Searching for “WPA” alone is insufficiently specific).
    Note: It might take up to 7 days for the app to appear in your Org ID search.  In case you still can’t find it after 7 days, please contact your TeleMessage project / account manager, and report the problem.
  • You should be able to view the app displayed below. Select the TM WPA app
  • Click Approve
  • You will be asked to approve permission for the app. Click Approve
  • You need to approve requests of future versions. So it won’t be removed from your AppStore. Keep the top default setting to keep app permissions approved. And then click Done
  • Now the app is added to your organization private store
  • The app should now appear in My Managed Apps list when selecting it in the left menu
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