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Note for US and Canadian users: Android devices in your region do not support native Voice call recording. You can use the Android Archiver to records SMS/MMS text messages.

TeleMessage has several released versions of the Android Archiver with Voice call recording.

  • Our current Google Play version records voice calls on the latest android devices with native recording support.
    – If your phone has native Google or manufacturer support. We can record your calls and deliver the recordings to your enterprise archive!
    – Any Samsung device which supports mobile recording on manufacturer level, with Android 9 and Android 10 including the following:
  • Sample devices with support for android native call recording appear below
    – Device call recording capability varies. The following smartphones were verified to support call recording
PhoneModelOperating System
Samsung Galaxy S22SM-Android 12
Samsung Galaxy S21SM-G991UAndroid 11
Samsung Galaxy S20SM-G980FAndroid 10
Samsung Galaxy S9SM-G960FAndroid 10
Samsung Galaxy S8SM-G950FAndroid 9
Samsung Galaxy Note9SM-N960FAndroid 9
Samsung Galaxy A71SM-A715FAndroid 10–11
Samsung Galaxy A70SM-A705FAndroid 9–11
Samsung Galaxy A52SM-A528BAndroid 11
Samsung Galaxy A50SM-A505FAndroid 9
Samsung Galaxy A40SM-A405FAndroid 9
Samsung Galaxy A32 5GSM-A326BAndroid 10
Samsung Galaxy A32SM-A326B/DSAndroid 11
Samsung Galaxy A12SM-A127F/DSNAndroid 11
Samsung Galaxy A9SM-A920FAndroid 9
  • Selected Android devices without built-in native call support are still capable of voice call archiving.
    Available on the following Android OS versions:
    Minimum 5.x, Maximum 8.x – but not supported on  7.1.1 or 7.1.2 .
  • Older Android 8 and earlier OS devices include:
Samsung Galaxy s8
Samsung Galaxy s7
Samsung Galaxy s6
Samsung Galaxy s4 (Only one side is recorded in US version)
Samsung Galaxy s3 (Only one side is recorded in US version)
Samsung Galaxy s2 (Only one side is recorded in US version)
Samsung Galaxy Note 5
Samsung Galaxy Note 4
Samsung Galaxy Note 3
Samsung Galaxy Note 2
Samsung Galaxy J5
Samsung Galaxy A5
LG V20
Moto Nexus 6 (Only one side is recorded in US version)
Moto X Style
OnePlus 3
Nexus 6
Meizu Pro6
Motorola G5 plus
Sony Z2 D503
  • What format are calls recorded in?  MP3 32 Kbps
  • On some devices, there are known limitations:
    Galaxy s2 / Galaxy s3 / Galaxy s4 (US Version): Call Recording always work for one-side (firmware changes for US regulation)
    Xaomi Smartphones: Problems with recordings, Need additional permissions from phone settings before each new Archiver installation: Settings–>Permissions–>Autostart—>Android Archiver–>ON
    Some devices with Android 7.1.X: Due to an Operating System bug in Android 7.1.1 and Android 7.1.2 some devices don’t show stable call recording behavior. If possible we advise you to switch to another OS version or device.

Installation Instructions  (Admin)

Download Android Archiver for Android with Voice Calls for devices with Android 8 or earlier

Download Android Archiver for Samsung devices with Android 9 and Android 10

See also: Android Archiver SMS/MMS Support

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