Adding Users as Sub-admin/Managers

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A company can add several employees to manage the service during the TeleMessage onboarding process.

To add users as sub-admin/managers

  1. Create a Sub Manager :
    In the admin portal go to User Management > Add User > select Sub Manager as a service level, as seen below.
  2. Open a new user in your firm.
    Note that the username and email address must be unique, so if the sub-manager is also registered as a user, they will need a different email address than the one their user is registered with. This email address will receive both the reset-password email and subsequent 2FA pin code.

    The sub-admin will receive an email with a link to reset his password:
  3. You can also change the service level of one of your current users, and make him a sub-manager to allow him to administer other employee accounts.
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