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Verizon Network Archiving Onboarding Guide


MDN = Mobile Device Number

SMS = Text Message

MMS = Multimedia Message

RCS = Rich Communication Service Message

MyBiz – My Business Enterprise Portal



  1. Customer sends TeleMessage:
    1. ECPDID, Enterprise Name, Enterprise Contact Number, Archive Account Id(s), Full address.
    2. A list (spreadsheet) of all MDNs with the First Names, Last Names, Email addresses of employees these are assigned to.
    3. Archiving destination: Destination address to your Archiving platform e.g. Global Relay, Jatheon, Bloomberg, Zix, Intradyn, etc.
  2. TeleMessage submits a request to Verizon Archiving Platform to onboard Customer’s ECPD profile and accounts associated with it to establish the Message Archive Service on the Customer’s behalf.
  3. IMPORTANT: All existing MDNs in the Designated Wireless Archive Account(s) get automatically provisioned for message capture. (If you wish to archive only specific lines, please inform your account manager before the onboarding of your account begins). Additional Customer managed MDNs can be provisioned through the Customer’s standard Verizon Wireless Transfer of Service process in which the Customer moves the MDN from an existing non-archive account, into one of those that is designated for message capture as an Archive Account.
  4. It can take up to 24 hours for the Verizon Archiving Platform to complete onboarding of Customer’s information. The Platform then automatically sends an Opt-In text message to these MDNs to notify the users that their phone number has been added to the Platform. The end user replies back with a YES confirmation.
    The opt-in and the acknowledgment messages arrive from the Verizon short code: 900080004103

  5. Customer lifts the messaging block for these MDNs.

Prerequisites for Message Capture

  • Both SMS and MMS (Text and picture messaging) must be enabled for each MDN in order for the number to be enabled for the Message Archive Service.
  • The Service is for use only with Customer approved accounts and for Customer liable MDNs.
  • A YES (case insensitive) reply from the Participating Employee without any additional text to the message, such as an auto signature, is required before capturing is enabled for the given line of service.
  • Customer has to lift messaging block on all MDNs that need to be provisioned for message capture. Please Note: All MDNs on the archiving account will receive opt-ins despite the SMS/MMS block. (If you wish to archive only specific lines, please inform your account manager before the onboarding of your account begins). The message archiving on those phones will, however, not begin until the block has been lifted.
  • Any sort of Enhanced Messaging Service e.g. iMessage on iPhone devices and RCS on Android devices should be disabled for message archiving.

The Platform will enable capturing for an MDN once all the above conditions have been met.

Opt-in Rules

The Employee acknowledgment of the Opt-In text message must follow the rules below in order to be recognized by the Message Archive platform.

  • Reply must be YES (case insensitive) with no additional characters or text attached such as an auto signature or period. Disable any auto signatures before replying.
  • Verizon sends back an acknowledgment message once the YES reply is sent.
  • It can take up to one hour for the opt-in acceptance to be processed. Thus, messages exchanged immediately after the opt-in acceptance may not be archived.
  • A known issue outside of Verizon’s control prevents end users on Blackberry devices from properly replying to the Opt-In text messages. Blackberry devices through their internal software will prefix a country code to the long code MDN that the Opt-In text originates from. To successfully reply, the end user must create a new conversation and manually type the original long code in the “To” field, with a “Yes” (case insensitive) reply in the message field.
  • If the response is not recognized as a YES confirmation, the original Opt-In text message will be sent again. The opt-in will continue to be sent once every day until a YES reply is received.
  • End user must be in the United States and on Verizon’s network in order to reply back to the Opt-In message. Replies while the end user is roaming will not be received by Verizon.
  • If the employee’s phone is out of service for several days when the opt-in message is sent, they will receive up to 5 opt-ins (one for each day). They will have to reply YES to only one of the opt-ins.
  • Customers can choose to send out reminders to their employees reminding them that their messages are being archived. They can choose these reminders to be sent either quarterly or bi-annually. The reminders are sent on fixed days and not based on the provisioned date. They will be sent on the 13th hour of GMT and the 6th day (nearest weekday) of the month.

Lifting the Messaging Block on Verizon Business Portal

  1. Select the Manage Account’ menu option and click Manage Wireless Numbers from the sub-menu.

  2. Select the number and click Actions and then Add or Remove Features
  3. Toggle off the ‘Block Messaging’ option, if selected and hit ‘Continue’ at the top of the page

Suspending a Number Associated with a Designated Message Archiving Account

When Suspending a number from Verizon’s service, it is important to first remove the number from the designated Archive Account, from Verizon’s Enterprise Portal.

  1. Log into Verizon’s My Business Enterprise Portal
  2. Go to Actions > Move Wireless Number and complete the transfer from the designated Message Archive account, to another account that was not designated for archiving

  3. Expand phone details by clicking the “+” sign next to the number and select the Suspend option under the Status section

Restore a number that was previously suspended from a designated Message Archiving Account

When restoring a number that had been previously suspended, it is important to follow these rules.

  1. Log into the My Business Enterprise Portal
  2. Expand phone details by clicking the “+” sign next to the number and select the Resume option under the  Status section
  1. Go to “Actions” > “Move Wireless Number” and complete the transfer to the designated Message Archive account.

Terminate an MDN that is currently in a Designated Message Archiving Account

When terminating a number from Verizon’s service, it is important to first remove the number from the designated Archive Account, prior to Terminating the number from Verizon’s Enterprise Portal.

  1. Log into the My Business Enterprise Portal
  2. Go to ActionsMove Wireless Number and complete the transfer from the designated Message Archive account, to another account that was not designated for Archiving
  3. Select the number, and select the Deactivate option under the Status section

Important Facts

  • TeleMessage retrieves all archived messages from Verizon’s Archiving Platform and forwards to Customer’s preferred archive daily at a 24-hour interval.
  • TeleMessage has the ability to send Customer Enrollment Statuses of all MDNs in the designated archiving account on a daily basis. The customer should request this service, should they need it..
  • Customers must ensure they check daily for opt-in status and then promptly lift the messaging block on any MDNs, so capture may begin.
  • If TeleMessage receives any messages from any MDNs that the customer has not provided required information (#1 of ) on, these messages will be archived without the name and email of the employee and will be searchable only by the MDN – until the rest of the information is provided and updated.
  • The Service does not work with over the top messaging applications or services. Messages to be captured must go through Verizon’s network.
  • Verizon’s Message Archive Service is billed on a per MDN basis. Billing is based on the number of MDNs that have been enabled in the designated Archive Account. There is no proration of charges for the Service. Billing commences upon Verizon receiving a valid Opt-In Response from a Participating Employee (regardless of whether Customer has lifted message block on that Participating Employee’s MDN).
  • Any MDNs that have a change in their account status will automatically be de-provisioned from capture capability. For example – text or picture messaging disabled on the device (also known as a messaging block), MDN moved to another account, etc.
  • Once the Customer has been established on the Verizon Archiving Platform, the Customer can enable or disable MDNs for SMS/MMS capture by adding or removing the MDNs from the Customer’s designated wireless Archive Account.
  • It is important to understand who has access to designated Verizon Message Archive Account through the Verizon My Business Enterprise Portal. We recommend locking these accounts down so that only those familiar with the Message Archiving and internal compliance requirements have access to SUSPEND, RESTORE, TRANSFER, OR TERMINATE numbers in these accounts.
  • No Transfer of Customer Liable MDNs – Verizon’s Message Archive Direct Service captures messages on all MDNs in an Archive Account. Verizon is not able to remove an MDN and then re-add it back for capturing since the Opt-In consent is associated with the MDN and not an individual employee. Customer administrators may not re-use MDNs for different employees as each individual Participant must provide an Opt-In consent. If an employee leaves the company, their number must be disabled. When a new employee is hired, they must be assigned a new MDN.
  • Any Employee-Liable MDNs cannot be enrolled in the Archived Messages Service. “Employee-Liable MDN” means a VZW MDN that is established in the name of an individual employee of any Customer and such individual employee is financially responsible for the payment to VZW for VZW service.

My Business Access: Best Practices

  • Ensure access to the Verizon Enterprise Portal (My Business) access to account management for the designated Archive Accounts is limited.
  • Moving numbers out of a designated Message Archive Accounts will de-provision them from Verizon’s archiving platform.
  • Prior to Terminating and Suspending numbers, they should first be moved out of the designated message Archive Accounts.


URL to access the portal: Please contact your Verizon Account Representative if you do not have your credentials.

ECPD Profile

ECPD is a customer profile that all enterprises with business accounts have with Verizon. Please check with your Verizon Account Representative for information on this.

Verizon Account Representative

Verizon Customer Support @ 1-877-297-7816 can help you identify and put you in touch with your Account Representative.

Designated Archiving Accounts

If you have multiple billing accounts (sub-accounts) with Verizon, you can designate one or more of them as archiving accounts and transfer all MDNs that need to be archived to this account. You can have more than one archiving accounts. If you want to add sub-accounts, please contact your Verizon representative. IMPORTANT: If you do not want to have any sub-accounts and thus, designate your only account for archiving, all MDNs registered under that account will become eligible for archiving. (If you wish to archive only specific lines, please inform your account manager before the onboarding of your account begins).

Enterprise Information

To find the Enterprise Name and Contact Information, go to your profile information drop-down on the top-right and click Company Settings > Company Profile. Contact information to be provided could be either the phone number or the email. This information will appear in the OPT-IN message sent to each employee.

Account Information

  1. To find the Account Id(s), go to Manage Account > Manage Billing Accounts.

  2. To find the full address, click the ‘+’ sign next to the designated archiving account

Customer Liable MDNs

Customer Liable MDN means a Verizon Wireless Mobile Directory Number (MDN) that is established under the Customer’s account and name and such Customer is financially responsible for the payment to Verizon for Verizon Wireless service.

List of MDNs to be Archived

This list can also be retrieved from the MyBiz portal by going to:

  1. Manage Account > Manage Wireless Numbers
  2. Search By: Account Number (Enter the designated account number here)
  3. Click the download icon and select CSV
  4. Open the file and make changes. Please make sure that the First and the Last names of the employees in this list are correct. Email of each of the employees will be needed to be added to the spreadsheet. TeleMessage does not need to know any other device specific information.



This agreement is between you as our subscriber and Verizon Wireless (“VZW”) and it sets forth the terms and conditions under which you agree to use and we agree to provide access to Archived Messages through the Archived Messages Service (as such terms are defined below). By using the Archived Messages Service, you accept these Terms and Conditions, which may be modified by us from time to time.

1.             Definitions.

1.1  Archived Messages means the Participating Employee’s Messages available for retrieval by Customer from VZW.

1.2          Archived Messages Service means TeleMessage’s Verizon Network Archiver service that provides Archived Messages to you.

1.3          Customer-Liable MDNs means a VZW Mobile Directory Number (“MDN”) that is established under your corporate account and corporate name for which you are financially responsible for the payment to VZW for VZW service.

1.4          Employee-Liable MDN means a VZW MDN that is established in the name of an individual employee of your company and such individual employee is financially responsible for the payment to VZW for VZW services.

1.5          Messages means messages sent or received by the Participating Employee via the short message service (“SMS”) or the multimedia message service (“MMS”).

1.6          Participating Employee means your employee who has opted into the Archived Messages Service via your Customer-Liable MDN.

2.             Archived Messages Service.

2.1          You will only access, use, copy, store or disclose Archived Messages in accordance with these Terms and Conditions. Customer will not access, use, copy, store or disclose Archived Messages for any other purpose.

(a)       Company. You will enter into an agreement with TeleMessage or TeleMessage Archive Partner for the Archived Message Service and you will pay all of their charges for such Archived Message Service in accordance with such agreement and these Terms and Conditions.

(b)       Customer-Liable MDNs Only. You will enroll only Customer-Liable MDNs in the Archived Messages Service. You will not enroll any Employee Liable MDNs in the Archived Messages Service.

(c)       Notice and Consent. Prior to enrolling any employee in the Archived Messages Service and accessing, using, storing, copying or disclosing any Participating Employee’s Archived Messages, you will provide advance disclosure to each employee containing clear and conspicuous notice of the terms and conditions of the Archived Messages Service, including how you and TeleMessage will access, use, copy, retain, protect or disclose such employee’s Archived Messages, as well as the duration and purpose of such access, use, copying or retention. Prior to enrolling any employee in the Archived Messages Service, VZW will send a free to end user text message, pre-approved by you, to each employee containing a notice to opt-in to the Archived Messages Service, and you will not access, use, store, copy or disclose any employee’s Archived Messages until such consent has been obtained.

(d)       Revocation of Consent. You will ensure that each Participating Employee may immediately revoke consent through readily available mechanisms to the Participating Employee. You will immediately move the Customer-Liable MDN from the account provided to Company by either disconnecting the MDN from the Archived Messaging Service or moving that Customer-Liable MDN to another account maintained by VZW. If consent is revoked, then you will not access, retrieve, use, store, copy or disclose such employee’s Archived Messages dated after the revocation date. You may access, use, store, copy or disclose such employee’s Archived Messages retrieved by you prior to such revocation date.

(e)       Transferring Mobile Device or Customer-Liable MDN to Another Employee. Prior to transferring a mobile device or Customer-Liable MDN enrolled in the Archived Messages Service to another employee, you will remove the Participating Employee from the account used for Archived Messages Service and wait at least 24 hours prior to adding a new Participating Employee and the Customer-Liable MDN on that mobile device.

(f)        Periodic Reminders. VZW will provide periodic reminders to each Participating Employee of its enrollment in the Archived Messages Service, if Company enables such option in the Verizon portal.

(g)       Acknowledgement. You acknowledge that VZW will make available to Customer the Archived Messages for use in connection with the Archived Messages Service and VZW will have no further control or responsibility for the Archived Messages once they are provided to Customer.

(h)       Limitations and Restrictions. You may access the Participating Employee’s Archived Messages only with that Participating Employee’s express knowledge and consent. You must maintain records of each employee’s express, informed consent for you to collect such Participating Employee’s Archived Messages. If a Participating Employee revokes such consent at any time, then you must immediately cease initiating requests for that employee’s Archived Messages.

2.2          Customer Business Records. You will maintain full, complete and accurate records related to your performance under these Terms and Conditions, and shall preserve such records for five (5) years from the date of preparation; provided, however, that you will retain, for at least five (5) years following the latest access to Archived Messages, records sufficient to demonstrate each employee’s consent to access and use its Archived Messages. Such records shall be available for inspection and copying by VZW during your normal business hours, upon five (5) days notice, but not more than once per quarter, unless otherwise required by applicable law, rule or regulation. If you refuse to comply with the obligations set forth in this Section or if VZW’s review of such records reveals that you are in violation of any of these Terms and Conditions, then, in addition to its other remedies under these Terms and Conditions, your account agreement with VZW or at law or in equity, VZW may terminate your access to the Archived Messages.

Compliance with Laws, Policies and Practices. You will comply with all applicable laws, rules and regulations, including all applicable consumer protection, marketing, data security, export and privacy laws and Federal Trade Commission privacy initiatives. You are solely responsible for making any disclosures required by law, rule, regulation, or otherwise regarding the nature, accuracy, effectiveness, or limitations of the Archived Messages Service.

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