Transferring Telegram chat history to the Telegram Capture app

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  1. Your Telegram account is linked to your mobile number.
  2. Your Telegram Capture account (TM TLGRM) will be linked to the enterprise number allocated to you in your welcome mail.

Automatic History Transfer

When signing in with a new Telegram app on any device to an existing account, it will automatically port all your history except for Private Chats and Deleted items.

All future messages exchanged by one of the Telegram apps (devices) will be synced by the Telegram service to all the account’s apps (devices).

Transfer Chat History

If you want to transfer the chat history from your existing Telegram account to your Telegram Capture application (TM TLGRM) you must first link your existing account on your standard Telegram app to your new enterprise number.

Changing the Telegram account’s mobile number to your new enterprise number will propagate to all of your Telegram apps (devices).

  1. Change your standard Telegram mobile number to your new enterprise number
  2. Install TeleMessage Telegram Capture and sign in with your new enterprise number
  3. Uninstall the standard Telegram application or signup for a new Telegram account with your mobile number for your personal use.

1.    Linking the standard Telegram app to the new enterprise phone number.

Open your standard Telegram app and follow these steps:

Tap the menu icon.

Tap the account’s phone number.

Tap Change Number.


Enter the new enterprise number allocated to you in your welcome mail and tap the check icon ().

Enter the pin-code you will receive via SMS.
If you don’t receive the SMS contact TeleMessage support.

The account and all your chat history will now be linked with the new enterprise number.

2.    Sign-in to Telegram Capture (TM TLGR) app.

Note: During the registration you will be asked to give the app permission to access your calls, contacts, media and more. Tap allow to all.

Open the app and tap Start Messaging.

Enter the number assigned to you by TeleMessage support and tap the blue arrow button.

Note: Since your standard app is signed in with the same account the pin-code will be sent to you there.

If you uninstalled the standard app tap the Send the code as an SMS link.

If you still didn’t receive the code Telegram will call you with a recorded message of the pin-code.

Not all enterprise numbers support call forwarding to your mobile number. If you didn’t get the call, contact TeleMessage support.

Your chat history will now appear on the Telegram Capture app linked to your new enterprise number.

We recommend you uninstall the standard Telegram app since secret chats on the standard app will not archive.


3.    Do you need your standard Telegram app with your mobile number?

You can reinstall the standard Telegram app and register with your mobile number which will create a new account. Your previous account number was changed to your enterprise number thus freeing your mobile number to be used in a new account.

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