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Ever feel like you didn’t really need to receive that “useful” article in your Whatsapp group for the Parent Teachers Association? As if it’s not enough that you’re in a group with your neighborhood friends, your childhood friends, and the other lift-scheme moms!!! Sometimes I just want to leave all my groups, delete all my apps, reboot my trusty old Nokia 3310 and enjoy the odd game of Snake when I can find a few minutes to spare.

Thank G-d we only use emails at work, right?

Abracadabra, when you click that little arrow to send an e-mail at work it seems to wave this magic wand that turns any message into a professional, necessary or critical part of your day. The global workforce has been hypnotized into believing that reading/sending emails are an essential part of having a productive day. Studies show that the average worker checks their email 74 times a day!!!

To be fair, e-mails do have a lot of features to be grateful for and that are necessary for an organizational structure, to mention a few:

  • 1) Keeping a record of company communication.
  • 2) Centrally stored information crucial to multiple key people.
  • 3) Sending files and heavy attachments.
  • 4) The ability to think out, then type out a clear and well-structured message.(Without seeing the recipients ‘online’ status as if expecting a reply… yesterday, you know what I’m talking about)

Thank G-d we only use emails at work, right?… Wrong.

There is a lot we can learn from messaging amongst our peers when it comes to Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger. Admittedly a lot of what NOT to do as well, however, there are definitely some pointers that we could take into the workforce to improve our daily productivity and collaboration.

The Do’s and Don’ts:

People add you because they trust you and it is a sign that you are of value to them.
Don’t take it lightly, acknowledge it and live up to your expectations.

There are various types of groups be it IT Support, Marketing, Product Management or your department’s internal group.
Know the difference and always keep your message relevant to the group.

Keep it compact, there’s no need to type Good Morning as a separate message.
Greet everyone and include your alert/update within the same message.

Share your ideas, if there is a group discussion get involved so that you don’t complain once decisions have been made or assignments completed.
Even if it is one liner saying “I’m busy right now but I’ve got some input on that for later.”

Mobile conversations can tackle issues that are not as easy to discuss face to face.
Be honest and at the same time respect other’s opinions.

If for some or other reason you need to leave a group, be sure to communicate why. People will otherwise be confused or concerned.Even if you were added by mistake, make sure people know. Leaving without notice will almost always work against you.

The Perfect Solution

In our day and age where 80% of us Smartphone users aged 18–44 who, a 2013 study revealed, check our phones upon waking, even before brushing our teeth. (I’m guilty of this one too… ) We cannot expect of ourselves to exercise the self-discipline required to avoid being distracted by other non-critical Whatsapp discussions within work hours. Even if we could, we wouldn’t want to come across as rude and the one who always ignores messages.

The TeleMessage App is our Secure Messaging Solution that gives you the opportunity to text securely with co-workers, teams & customers. Relay important updates without the distractions of other social groups constantly ‘pinging’ you. Contact a pre-determined, task specific group with urgent information or alerts. Save time and send your ‘easy’ messages via text instead of having it get lost amongst someone else’s email clutter. Instantly connect with anyone in your office, find contacts within the global directory integration. Integrate your enterprise software apps with the TeleMessage Secure Messaging Platform via our full-featured API cloud platform. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that critical messages will be escalated to SMS should the recipient not open the message within a few minutes. Stay on top of your social discussions during your breaks.

And… you can avoid seeing work messages by opening the app only once you’ve brushed your teeth in the morning 😉

See how TeleMessage differs from Whatsapp.

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