Outlook Plug-in

Effective immediately TeleMessage is discontinuing new developments and bug fixes for the Outlook Plug-in. The latest Plug-in version supports Microsoft Outlook for PC versions 2010 through 2016. Going forward users wishing to send mobile messages from their desktop should consider using the TeleMessage web portal or SMTP interface. Please review details of each interface on our web site or contact your account manager for more information.

We plan to fully end support for the Outlook Plug-in on October 1, 2018.

Combine the power of Microsoft Exchange Server with SMS text messaging (or any other type of messaging you prefer) with the TeleMessage Outlook Plug-In. Send SMS text, push notifications, automated voice broadcasts, and fax messages directly from your email exchange.

No complicated installation or integration process

Works like a standard Outlook message, just compose your message & press send

Send any type of message: SMS text, push notifications, voice, or fax

Centralized messaging from one place

Easy Excel upload for sending messages to multiple recipients

Have replies delivered directly to your inbox

Message scheduling

Reporting capabilities, analysis & statistics.

Find out how the TeleMessage Outlook Plug-In can benefit your business.

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