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There is no escaping it, if we want to keep up to date with the ever changing ‘Internet of Things,’ the latest in the world of technology and mobile we need to be updated all the time. The sheer volume of new information flowing online at any given time is enough to send us into a complete state of shock or as some would call it ‘tech-paralysis.’ There is no denying that the world has become almost completely reliant on mobile and the internet, the question now is… how efficiently are we using the two?

Our fingers have become ninjas in the art of scrolling up and down, zooming in and out, not to mention the lightning speed at which we are able to ‘ping-pong’ messages between each other. Over and above simply keeping ‘in the loop’ amongst friends recent studies show that “prolonged social exclusion actually results in lowered cognitive functioning and can lead to a dizzying array of physical symptoms,” and so it’s no wonder that we crave this constant communication.

But beyond our need to connect with other human beings, this technology actually fulfills an important function: reaching as many people as possible in the shortest amount of time. Let’s imagine a scenario in which “Shaun” is hurt at school. With SMS Alerts, his parents can know exactly what his condition is. Such technology streamlines parent-school communication such that in a matter of seconds, parents will receive updates on any potential or actual emergency/threat.

These alerts are fast, allowing maximum reach in a matter of seconds. In moments like these it is crucial to be fitted with a secure messaging platform which allows you to track whether or not the recipient has received and/or read the message furthermore have an escalation feature should the parent not have received the message. In addition to monitoring user interaction with messages the ability to instantly share user location serves as a major time saver especially in large crowds or in unfamiliar areas.

In “Shaun’s” case, the doctors are equipped with a real time secure messaging interface, allowing Shaun’s attending doctor to consult with other field experts on shift so that his treatment can be decided on and he can be taken care of as soon as possible. For example, his x-ray results can be shared securely between the attending nurses, doctors and surgeons to decide on the best course of care.

As human beings we are not wired to constantly be expecting the unexpected, we prefer to go about our life enjoying the day to day social interaction with each other be it the latest gossip gone viral online or simply sharing a story from earlier on in the day with a friend. Therefore when we need to act fast and share critical information that matters there is no time to waste. It is important that we have the correct systems in place. Fast, accurate and effective communication can sometimes be the difference between life and death.

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