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TeleMessage is now listed in the FINRA compliance directory. FINRA member firms can access the directory of listed vendros from here.

The FINRA Compliance Vendor Directory (CVD) provides firms a convenient, effective way to search for vendors that offer compliance-related services.

TeleMessage is listed in the FINRA Compliance Vendor Directory, and assists financial companies in meeting their compliance and security requirements.

As a Compliance Vendor Directory participant, the TeleMessage Mobile Archiver offers FINRA member firms the most comprehensive mobile text archiving platform, allowing corporates to capture and retain mobile communication including: SMS, MMS, Voice calls and WhatsApp chats of their employees, as required by FINRA regulatory notice 17-18.

TeleMessage offers four methods to capture mobile messages for BYOD and corporate-owned phones: Enterprise Number Archiver, Android Archiver, WhatsApp Archiver and Network Archiver.

To learn more how you can archive your mobile communications with the TeleMessage solutions, including finra text message archiving requirements, view this video and visit the TeleMessage site.

For FINRA member firms, adopting the TeleMessage Mobile Archiver enables mobile communication archiving. Companies can also retain and search through mobile communication via their selected archiving and compliance vendor.

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