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Our messaging gateway lets you deliver your message to anyone, anywhere. Whether you’re sending marketing messages, business critical information, or transactional data such as notifications, alerts or passwords, our messaging platform provides the perfect vehicle to deliver your message in real-time.

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SMS Text Messages

There’s no better way to keep in touch with customers, suppliers, and partners than with SMS text messages!

SMS messages are likely to be opened within just five minutes of being received, making them a highly effective tool for reaching anyone, anywhere.

SMS text message marketing is ideal for any industry, whether healthcare, financial services, logistics, retail and more. TeleMessage lets you create, send and track SMS text message marketing campaigns simply and easily.

Use SMS text messages to send customers:

» Notifications & alerts
» Appointment, payment, event & reservation reminders
» Promotions, coupons & sales
» Company updates & developments
» Competitions

Sending SMS text messages with TeleMessage is easy!

Web to Mobile Messaging

Send and receive SMS text messages directly from your computer through the TeleMessage Web Interface or Outlook Plug-In.

Application-to-Person (A2P) Messaging

Connect to our messaging APIs to enable Application-to-Person (A2P) messaging.

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Send Messages for Free

That’s right. Unlike text messages, which use your mobile carrier to send messages to other mobile devices, you only need an internet connection, whether it’s your data plan or Wifi to send push notifications.

Fallback to SMS

This is a unique TeleMessage feature. In case push notifications can’t be delivered through your data plan or Wifi, the message is then sent as a standard SMS text message.

Keep Messages Secure

Push notifications sent via the TeleMessage platform are encrypted from end-to-end, and during transport between devices, so that no one can access your messages besides you and the intended recipient.

No Character Limits

SMS text messages only let you send 160 characters per message. With push notifications, you’re free to include as many characters as you want.

Advanced Delivery Notifications

You’ll be able to track every message that has been sent and whether it’s been delivered, read or deleted.

Share Files

Attach files including pictures, videos, audio recordings and documents.

Supports iOS & Android Devices

Our platform lets you send push notifications to either iOS or Android devices securely and reliably. Read our configuration manual for iOS & Android.

IP Push Notifications

Push notification lets an application notify you of new messages or events even when you aren’t using the application.

Engage users with in-app messages & notifications, just by integrating with our platform. Use in-depth analytics to target users, create campaigns & boost app usage. Learn more about our APIs.

Push notifications are relevant for any industry, mobile or web experience.

Voice Messages, Voice Broadcasts

Automated voice messages and voice broadcast is ideal for sending alerts, notifications, reminders, promotions, surveys and more. An efficient and cost-effective way to reach subscribers. Fully customize messages by sending pre-recorded voice messages that are delivered to the recipient as a standard telephone call. Use our text-to-speech engine to deliver text messages as voice broadcasts.

Call Prompt Customization

Our automated voice messaging solution is fully customizable. Contact us to learn more.

Message Personalization

Add a personal touch to any message, whether pre-recorded or text-to-speech.

Automatic Retries

Automated retry process until receipt is confirmed.

Message Escalation

Enable message escalation/chasing on several devices until the recipient has been reached.

Status Reports

Get status reports on whether the call was delivered, line busy, no-answer, or reached voicemail.


Send voice messages to as many recipients needed.

It’s easy to send Automated Voice Messages & Voice Broadcasts with TeleMessage.

Fax Messages

It’s time to get rid of your fax machine. Send fax messages directly from your computer. Just sign up to get started.

Fax to Mail

Fax to Mail allows to receive an incoming fax calls via E1/T1/SIP or PBX interfaces. It can extract the sender and recipient as well as convert the fax to image format. The system routes the fax received to an Email recipient, files it in a web folder, sends it to an application using an XML API and sends SMS/ MMS notifications.

Key Features:

» Can connect to any network interface for Fax calls interfacing and initiation: Connection to PBX/Switch using
» E1/T1/SIP/VoIP
» Configurable Fax forward and routing rules: according to caller and called numbers
» Allocation of unique Fax number for each user or shared numbers per group
» Fax message routing can be based on:
» Direct Inward Dialing (DID) Number
» PBX extension number
» Sender or Destination numbers
» Ability to forward fax messages to:
» Email recipients
» The TeleMessage Web interface to view/manage messages
» Delivery to other applications, or automated systems via our APIs
» Sends text message or email alert upon fax message receipt

Email to Fax

Email to Fax allows users to send fax messages from an email, application, or web portal without needing a landline. Sent faxes are stored in the system so they can be filed , tracked, deliver status check, and generate reports.

Key Features:

» The system allows many interfaces for sending faxes
» Email to Fax (a simple SMTP format, e.g. )
» Outlook Plug-In integrated with the address book and distribution lists
» TeleMessage web interface
» XML API for fax delivery and distribution from applications
» Bulk Fax distribution and scheduled messaging
» Fax delivery confirmation, delivery status and reports as well as retry mechanism
» Fax conversion of any document attachment: text files, Word, PowerPoint, PDF, Excel, Images, and multi-lingual support.
» Build a fax header template with company or personal details

Send fax messages from the web easily. All you need to do is


Send multiple emails simultaneously with our email sender program. Automatically manage the delivery of your emails & ensure they end up in the right inbox, in real-time.


» Upload multiple contacts at once
» Track email messages
» Scheduled messages
» Send attachments
» Send messages from the web or via our APIs
» Use in conjunction with other messaging campaigns

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With TeleMessage, you have the flexibility to send messages from the web, Outlook Plug-In or our messaging APIs.

These are just some of the benefits when using TeleMessage:

» Reach customers & subscribers instantly
» Send personalized messages to specific individuals or to entire lists
» Schedule messages for optimal reach
» Track message delivery
» Send messages internationally
» Set up auto-replies
» Rent local numbers
» Opt-out for all campaigns
» Get reports & statistics

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