Seamlessly manage your organization’s communications with our administrator tools.



Central User Management

Know exactly what’s going on in your organization with our administrator tools.

  Add, Remove & Suspend Users

Manage User Profiles & Permissions

 Message Archiving

Multiple User Import

Admins no longer need to import each new user manually. With the click of a button, admins can add multiple users at the same time with our multi-user import.

Add several users to the TeleMessage Platform in CSV format.



Enforce Security Policies

Keeping your organization’s data secure is paramount. As an admin you can:

Reset PIN Codes

Remote Lock & Wipe Data in the event of lost or a stolen device

Message Forward Locking so that data can only be forwarded to authorized recipients

Set Self-Destructing Messages

Global Address Book Management

The Global Address book makes it easier for employees to communicate with each other on the go.

Create & manage groups

Import multiple contacts at once

Delete contacts



Get Analytics

Understanding usage trends can help your business make better decisions.

Create reports to track usage trends

Search Message Metadata including time sent, read/not read, message expiration status, etc.