“Secure Messaging: What Your Business Should Know” Post Featured in Fora Financial Blog

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TeleMessage, the leader in innovative SaaS messaging and secure, real-time messaging for enterprises, has been featured in a blog post in Fora Financial, a leading provider of working capital solutions to small businesses in need of financing to sustain or grow their enterprise. The guest post details what businesses should know about secure messaging, in line with the company’s infographic on the subject.

The post discusses several phenomena such as the rise of mobile devices in the workplace and the risks of mobile device usage, especially for businesses. Finally, the article opens on the reasons as to why a secure mobile messaging platform should be integrated in businesses. More on this can be found in the infographic found in the TeleMessage blog.

The guest post was written by Pinchas Levinson, the TeleMessage Digital Marketing Manager, as part of the company’s efforts to not only deliver upon its goal in helping enterprises with their secure mobile messaging communication, but also further knowledge on the importance of the services that the company offers.

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