TeleMessage vs. WhatsApp

Comparison Table

Feature TeleMessage WhatsApp

 Max recipients in the text group chat



 Max text recipients in the group distribution



 Text messages

 Voice messages

 Voice calls

 Send audio, video, documents

 Archiving information centrally

 Company can get access to messages when required

 HIPAA/SOX compliancy

 Application vendor uses message metadata for marketing

 Guaranteed SLA and Uptime

 Option to install On-premises

 Option to run as a Cloud SaaS

 Statistics about usage patterns inside organization

 Mission-critical fallback to SMS if messages not delivered to app

 Corporate administration directory and security settings

 Time-limited messages

 Enforce PIN code entry

 Confined App storage for files, documents and images

 Company contacts and groups import

 Separate work and personal messages

 Remote wipe and lock of the app

 Developer APIs to integrate with IT systems

 App white labeling capabilities

 Communicate with App and Non App users in same message

+ Number of participants in chat is configurable, can reach 1000’s in on-premises deployments.

* Currently the TeleMessage App generates voice calls via the PSTN network, during Q1/2017 we’ll release WebRTC IP calling capabilitirs with Administrator based Server Routing, Recording, Archiving capabilities & End-to-End Encryption.