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TeleMessage MDM/EMM Integrated Solutions

We’ve partnered with the leading MDM/EMM providers to streamline and secure the management of your entire mobile fleet.

Learn more about TeleMessage’s Partnership with AirWatch.

Download theAppConnect Enabled Version of the TeleMessage App

Learn more about TeleMessage’s MDM/EMM Integrated Solutions.

Best of Both Worlds

By combing the power of enterprise mobile control with TeleMessage’s Secure Text Messaging platform, you have the best of both worlds—an app whose data is encrypted, protected from unauthorized access and works seamlessly with the MDM/EMM’s policy management infrastructure and/or other enterprise back-end systems.

Communicate Securely With Colleagues, Teams & Customers

TeleMessage ensures the protection of your business data both while in rest and in transit, while giving employees in the office and in the field the freedom to communicate in real-time. Leverage TeleMessage’s Secure Text Messaging Platform MDM/EMM Integrated Solutions among your organization’s mobile tools.

Secure & Encrypted Messaging

Compliance & Archiving

Team Productivity

Deployment of TeleMessage’s Integrated MDM/EMM Solutions is simple and easy, with a click of a button you can push the TeleMessage App from your MDM/EMM Console. By utilizing the tight integration between TeleMessage and the leading MDM/EMM providers, you minimize your administration and management overhead, bringing users from your MDM/EMM console directly into TeleMessage’s Secure Text Messaging Platform, maximizing the security and efficiency of your organization’s mobile fleet.

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