Emergency Management

TeleMessage provides a community outreach and emergency notification platform that brings residents, educators, public safety, and community leaders together.

Using the devices that they already own, law enforcement, emergency responders, governmental agents can securely text each other and ensure that accurate and important information is available as soon as possible.

TeleMessage aims to improve communications when those situations happen:

Emergency alerts
Service outage notification
Weather alerts
Emergency response to public safety
Public safety warnings
Police & fire emergencies
Missing children alerts
Volunteer mobilization
Community notifications

TeleMessage App protects confidential data, ensures message security and while making communication more efficient in real-time:

Messages are encrypted from end-to-end and during transport
Data is archived and retained
User identities are identified and authenticated, so only authorized users are able to communicate amongst each other
Only administrators are able to access user information, and add, remove, or suspend user accounts
Users will always know when their messages have been sent, delivered, read and expired
Our server architecture leverages the scalability of the cloud and is geo-distributed to give uninterrupted service
Features such as message self-destruct, remote lock & wipe, passcode protection provide additional security

Organizations can take advantage of our APIs to connect the TeleMessage secure messaging platform with EHR systems, practice management systems, ERPs and CRMs.