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Improved collaboration & productivity









Immediate Collaboration

TeleMessage let’s you connect with every employee, whether they are at their desk or out in the field. No company email address is required—just a smartphone. Instantly connect to every employee. Share company news, training materials and time sensitive information—our team collaboration app gets you all connected.

Better Than Email

In one team collaboration mobile app, you can share files, pictures, videos, location; instant message & group chat, and access the company directory in real-time. Know when messages were sent, delivered & opened. Get your colleague’s on-line status and start messaging.

Improve Productivity

TeleMessage connects your field-based and non-desk employees members to corporate, HR office materials and to each other. Employees can communicate with each other instantly, reduce decision-making time and maintain efficient workflow. Management can ensure that all employees are receiving the same message, whether company announcements, training materials, updates or immediate notification of an emergency such as crisis, weather delay, natural disaster, product recall, break-in, and more. Using our APIs you can connect any IT or database to improve operations, share information faster and message multiple recepients.

Keeping it Together

Organizations can easily manage employee usage of the application, such as adding, suspending or deleting accounts via the admin portal or APIs.Get message analytics, delivery confirmation rates, and subscriber info to better communicate with employees.
Create a network of employee groups based on location, region, hierarchy, and interest, and delegate group administrators in order to target messaging and improve information flows amongst employees, management and corporate.
Streamline HR processes by integrating with our APIs. HR Managers only need to update one system when employees join or leave the organization, ensuring that employee information is always up to date.

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TeleMessage has got you covered.

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