Must-Use Text Message Templates for Finance Professionals

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Many investment advisors, wealth managers, bank representatives, and insurance agents use text messaging as a vital part of their day to day financial tasks. Not only is text messaging more effective in getting the quickest response from customers and colleagues than other channels, but it is also far less disruptive both for finance professionals and message recipients.

But just like other platforms, enterprise use of text messaging requires careful planning and execution, especially if to be used in an industry as complex as finance. Unlike email, a single, standard text message can only be 160 characters long, so getting right to the point and delivering the message in a “language” that the receiver can understand is extremely crucial.

With only a limited space to work in, finance professionals should already have a well-defined idea of what to include in their text message before composing it. While there is no standard rule, an enterprise text message typically should include three core elements:

  • Personalized greeting
  • Precise core message
  • A Call-to-Action

With these core components in mind, let us now provide some of the most useful text message templates that finance professionals can repeatedly use to communicate with their clients.

1. Introduction

Introducing yourself to a prospective client is critical as it sets the tone for the rest of your engagement with them. In your text message, it is best to thank the customer first for opting in and then let them know how they can reach you and learn more about you.

Greetings [Client’s Name], thank you for opting in to receive our SMS messages. I am [Your Name], your financial advisor. Please call or text back so we can further discuss our services.

2. Phone Call Appointment Reminder

A text message reminding the client about a scheduled phone call appointment should include the specific time of the day when you will be calling them.

Hello [Client’s Name], this is to remind you that we have a scheduled call appointment on [Date and Time]. Feel free to let me know if you need to reschedule.

3. Subscription Invitation

You can also send text messages to invite your clients who have already opted-in to your SMS services to subscribe to your email newsletter, blog, or other digital content channels.

Hello [Client’s Name], sign up today at [] to receive weekly news on special deals that are available only to our subscribers.

4. New or Changed Terms and Conditions

Texting your clients about the important changes in the terms and conditions related to their accounts can significantly enhance your image as a finance professional and service provider as well.

Hi [Client’s Name], just a reminder that the terms and conditions for our [service name] have been updated. To review these updates, please tap the link in this message <Link>

5. Documentation Request

Using an enterprise-grade SMS platform to remind your client of the additional documentation you need can help streamline your workflow and finish the task without the hassle of sending multiple emails.

Hi [Client’s Name], thank you for choosing us as your financial partners. To complete the process, please provide us with a copy of your [Name of document]. Thank you in advance for your prompt handling of this request.

6. Lapsed Payment Follow-up

Texting your clients is also the fastest way to remind them of their past-due payments. Just don’t forget to include a call-to-action in the message to resolve the issue immediately.

[Client’s Name], we have not received your payment on policy [Policy invoice code}, which we sent on [Date]. Please reach out if you have any questions on this payment. 

Overall, just as easy and reliable as text messaging can be, it can also be as challenging and daunting communication tool to use, especially if you lack the right enterprise-grade platform to text your clients in a time-efficient, secure, and compliant manner.

In order to use these text messaging templates effectively, financial organizations should also take into consideration various regulatory requirements – SOX, FINRASEC, GLB and the Dodd-Frank Act in the U.S.; FSA and FCA in the U.K.; and GDPR and MiFID II in Europe, to name a few.

An enterprise text messaging tool will not only allow you to comply with these financial regulations but can also help improve workplace communication for better workflow by sending mission-critical information in real-time concerning:

  • System status or network outages alerts.
  • Emergency alerts to employees.
  • Customer surveys
  • Customer alerts, updates, and notifications.

TeleMessage, a global leader in innovative SaaS messaging and mobility solutions for enterprises, offers holistic secure messaging and text message archiving capabilities to financial firms, as well as to companies in healthcare and public sector. With our platform, we can help you meet the various compliance mandates for managing electronic records including SMS texts, encrypted communications, direct message or any other type of electronic messaging system.

Contact us today to learn more about our  Secure Enterprise Messaging, Mobile Archiver, and Mass Messaging solutions.

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