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TeleMessage – beyond messaging – serves as another solution to a fast growing corporate phenomenon. The BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) trend has created little monsters, one on each of your shoulders. On the one side we have your management, constantly pushing for you to be more productive while on the other side the IT team, continuously stressing the importance of security. Just to add a little spice to the mix, there are only 24 hours in a day of which a few need to be devoted to family, exercise, eating and dare I mention… sleep. Working on the go requires the employee to maintain 2 separate end user environments on a single device, the first being personal and the second work. Suddenly, the line between our personal and business lives has become very blurry.

Employees are no longer interested in switching back and forth between personal and work devices. Studies show that employees are willing to bend company rules and use whatever technology is available in order to do their jobs. The range of violations varies, from sending business related emails using personal accounts to using Whatsapp in order to quickly communicate with another co-worker. Not only does using your personal account to send emails put your companies IT Security at risk, but also, could result in fines depending on your organization’s policies regarding intellectual property.

Mobile Device Management (MDM) takes these two little monsters and teaches them to live in harmony, keeping the employee sane without any headaches and as productive as can be. Having a reliable MDM system such as Ivanti in place allows you to keep corporate applications and related data separate, as well as protected on the employee’s device, creating a safe and secure business hub within the device. The IT department can rest at ease knowing that it has full access and can manage all the assets (within the business environment) on the mobile device of the employee. The employee can then accomplish an extra few hours of work per day, satisfying them and of course… the boss. The MDM app includes

  • Password protection for access,
  • The ability for IT to remotely wipe the device should it be lost/stolen without affecting non-work related apps.
  • IT has full control of who has access to the app.
  • Receive reports on user interaction.

Airwatch which is another leading Mobile Device Management Application prides itself on its Enterprise Integration capabilities. These include advanced integration in the cloud or on-premises that allow you to communicate with various corporate services across network layers.

When employees engage with each other on platforms outside of their enterprise’s systems the enterprise no longer has the ability to trace company information. Therefore, the company cannot ensure that it is correctly following protocol, complying with regulations, contracts and policies.  BYOD is here to stay whether you like it or not, and if you want to make it work for you, Mobile Device Management Apps are the way forward.

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