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Use WhatsApp & Stay Compliant

Chat App
for iOS and Android

65 Billion
Sent Daily

2 Billion
Active Users

3 Million
Using WhatsApp for Business

Compliant WhatsApp Messaging for MIFID, FINRA, SEC
and other regulations

In today’s mobile world, with its nearly 1.5 billion active WhatsApp users, you must engage customers and partners in the mobile channel they expect.
Solve the compliance and regulation issues by capturing and archiving these WhatsApp chats.
Monitor business chats while allowing your employees to text the way they want.

TeleMessage WhatsApp Archiver is compliant with MiFID II, FINRA, SEC, FERC, Public Records, GDPR, FCA and other regulations.

Want WhatsApp w/o an app? Try WhatsApp Cloud Archiver                                                       Record, Archive and Monitor your WhatsApp Business messages

WhatsApp Archiver for End Users

• Same WhatsApp product, same interfaces, same capabilities
• All messages are being archived

Sent from WhatsApp

Archive WhatsApp @ Office 365

•  Seamless WhatsApp  deposit to any Cloud/On-premises archiving vendor
•  Search & view email and WhatsApp chats in the same storag
•  Search all WhatsApp attachments of a specific employee
•  Get WhatsApp chats to corporate email

Supports all iOS and Android devices/OS versions

WhatsApp Archiver Benefits:

Communicate using WhatsApp and stay compliant

Use WhatsApp Web interface, PC version or mobile App while capturing communication

Capture all chats: groups or individuals, text, multimedia, documents and deleted messages

Search and filter messages by: employee name, email, mobile number, message type, attachments…

Get all your WhatsApp chats automatically forwarded to an email of your choice

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