TeleMessage is a 100% owned subsidiary of Messaging International Plc.


The Information included on the site and updated on 28 June 2015 is being disclosed in accordance with AIM Rule 26.

Messaging International Plc

is subject to the UK City Code on Takeovers and Mergers.

Messaging International Plc

Messaging International Plc joined AIM under the symbol MES in August 2005 with the objective of becoming a leading provider in the rapidly growing multimedia messaging market. Its 100% owned subsidiary, TeleMessage Ltd, provides cross-platform media messaging management systems and applications. These are designed to enable PC, browser, mobile phone and wireline telephone users to send, receive and manage voice messages, email, text, IM and MMS across various media platforms. It supports multiple languages, text to speech conversion, e-mail notification, unlimited text length, and direct reply to text capabilities, all illustrating the uniqueness of the service.

Corporate Governance Statement

Messaging International Plc is not required to comply with the UK Corporate Governance Code (the “Code”) and does not voluntarily apply the full requirements of the Code. However, our governance arrangements do meet many of the requirements of the Code which the directors’ deem most relevant to an AIM listed company having consideration to the size, nature and scope of the company and group’s activities.

The board of Messaging International Plc

is accountable to the company’s shareholders for good corporate governance. The directors are committed to proper standards of good governance and will continue to keep their procedures under review. The following provides an outline of the principal policies and procedures established by the board.

Board and Board Committees

Board meetings are held on a regular basis throughout the year which with few exceptions have been fully attended. In view of the small size of the board, matters which should be dealt with by the remuneration committee are been dealt with by the board as a whole.

The audit committee comprise of the two non-executive directors and meetings are held in the a year to review the company’s interim and final results.

Relationships and Shareholders

The board places considerable importance on creating and maintaining a strong relationship with its shareholders.

Accountability and Financial Control

The board has overall responsibility for the systems of financial controls which reflect the current scale of the group’s activities, the key features of which are as follow:


Control environment

There are clearly defined organisational responsibilities and the board is committed to employing suitably qualified staff so that the appropriate level of authority can be delegated with regard to accountability and acceptable levels of risk.


Information systems

The group prepares an annual budget and monthly financial information is prepared and discussed at regular informal meetings. Full board meetings take place as and when required.


Identification and evaluation of business risks and controls

Management control is exercised at all levels of the group and is regulated by appropriate limits of authority. The directors have considered various areas of business risks and take decisions whenever there are perceived changes to the risks.


Quality and integration of personnel

The group attaches high importance to the values of trust, honesty and integrity of personnel in positions of responsibility and operates a policy of recruiting suitably experienced personnel with defined duties.
The board has considered the need for an internal audit function but does not consider that the size of the business justifies a fulltime appointment. The board continues to monitor this appointment and will act accordingly.

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Key Shareholders

Directors Ordinary Shares No. %
H Furman (held through Prideway Holdings, BBHISL Nominees and in own name) 68,808,276 59.38
G Levit (held through Guy Levit Ltd and trustee Ehud Zadokya) 4,387,608 3.79
I Fishman 0 0.00
D Rubner 1,088,512 0.94
Substantial Interests as of1 June 2015 Ordinary Shares No. %
H Furman (held through Prideway Holdings, BBHISL Nominees and in own name) 68,808,276 59.38
Westside Investments Plc together with Reverse Take-Over Investments Plc. 4,340,082 3.75
G Levit 4,387,608 3.79
G Shapira 4,387,608 3.79

Key Information as of 1 June 2015

Country of incorporation UK
Main country of operation USA
Market Alternative Investment Market
Financial year end 31 December
Total issued share capital 115,872,148
Total voting capital 115,872,148
Percentage issued share capital not in public hands 67.9%

Board of Directors
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