[Infographic] BYOD: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

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5 questions to ask yourself when setting your company’s BYOD program

What is BYOD?

BYOD -“Bring Your Own Device” has been a hot topic as businesses decide whether & how to integrate employees’ private devices into the work environment.

The benefits

Allowing employees to BYOD increases morale which leads to higher productivity. Nearly 60% of employees feel they are more productive when they are allowed to BYOD. BYOD also reduces costs to a company if it shares the cost of the device with the employee.

The issues

Allowing employees to BYOD can introduce security vulnerabilities, whether from malware or due to a stolen device, giving an open door to sensitive company information. Some industries are governed by compliance laws; e.g. HIPAA for the medical industry, which require very strict privacy rules to be met.

Check out our infographic below: (click image for full size)

TeleMessage BYOD Infographic

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