How You Can Text Securely with Your Customers

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Bureaucracy is a well-known killer of efficiency.

One of the problems dealing with bureaucratically hindered businesses is a depressing lack of communication. And these types of businesses usually have sensitive personal data on file, such as banks, doctor’s offices, insurance companies, etc. Unfortunately, to communicate with these types of organizations, one needs to jump through all sorts of security loopholes (for good reason). Sending a quick text message to your doctor, bank representative or insurance agent isn’t commonly done. Luckily, with the technology available to us today, this can become a reality. In today’s era of technology-based infrastructure, the bureaucracy can be circumvented with security remaining in tact.

Here’s how:

The success of businesses in today’s market hinge upon efficiency; efficiency provided in part by secure and direct communication technologies. One of the main problems facing a direct form of communication between businesses and their clientele is the issue of security. For example, a doctor’s office must abide by the seemingly tedious bureaucratic criteria stipulated by HIPAA. A bank must abide by federal laws to prevent fraud. Although guidelines such as these are there for our protection, they can prevent us from knowing what we want to know, when I want to know it.

Having a form of secure messaging at our disposal provides a way for a doctor’s office to correspond with patients directly regarding confidential medical information, while still remaining within the guidelines of HIPAA. Now, with this secure messaging application, “customers” can receive a direct, secure text message right to their mobile devices. The real beauty of this application is that it’s a two way street. Patients can reply, and directly correspond with their doctor and receive vital information regarding diagnoses and medication etc. No need to make an appointment for a quick question, which saves time and money at the end of the day.

Businesses already use this technology as an inter-employee method of communication. The infrastructure is already there. The advantage of these secure text messaging solutions is that they can also work with email, on the web, or integrate with various APIs that connect them to CRM systems, etc. This means a business can now communicate just as easily with its clients as it can with its employees.

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