How to create Exchange connectors to route email to SMS

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To allow routing of email through the TeleMessage host for delivery to both internal company registered mobile numbers and external mobile addresses, TeleMessage enables administrators to specify a send connector in Exchange 2013.

As per the guide provided by Microsoft:

1. In the Exchange administration dashboard, navigate to Mail flow > Send connectors, and then click Add +.

2. In the New send connector wizard, specify a name for the send connector and then select Custom for the Type. You typically choose this selection when you want to route messages to computers not running Microsoft Exchange Server 2013. Click Next.

3. Choose Route mail through smart hosts, and then click Add +. In the Add smart host window, specify Click Save.

4. Under Address space, click Add +. In the Add domain window, make sure SMTP is listed as the Type. For Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN), enter sms.send. Click Save.

5. For Source server, click Add +. In the Select a server window, choose a server and click Add +. Click OK.

6. Click Finish.

After this setting, SMS messages should be sent in the sample format (SMS/Secure App recipient 1-212-555-1234):

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