The Growing Importance of Archiving Mobile Text Messages

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Mobile devices are used increasingly in the workplace – Osterman Research data demonstrates that about one-third of the typical information worker’s day is spent working on a mobile device, and much of this involves send or receiving text messages and other communications. Moreover, 28 percent of employees use a company-supplied smartphone and 36 percent use a personal smartphone for business purposes.

However, despite the fact that mobile users generate and store business records on their mobile devices, only a small proportion of this content is ever archived, despite the fact that archiving electronic content from corporate email and other systems has been a best practice for many years. This failure to archive content from mobile devices put organizations at risk of running afoul of their compliance obligations, it makes them unable to produce content in response to eDiscovery orders, it prevents all content from being placed on legal hold, and it does not allow the sharing of important business content from mobile users.

In short, a failure to archive content from mobile devices increases corporate risk and makes organizations more susceptible to compliance and legal violations.

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