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By Guy Levit, CEO

So here I am, writing my first blog, trying to put my thoughts into some kind of order in preparation for this momentous occasion. As the CEO of a multi-channel messaging company, I should be able to articulate my thoughts in a cohesive and fluent way, right? To add to the challenge, I keep hearing the voice of my Marketing Manager in my head, telling me that the blog is actually an opportunity for a conversation with our customers, suppliers, and other interested parties and not a monologue.

So I started to wonder whether it is possible to have a cohesive conversation in this day and age. We live in a hyper connected world and many of us are learning to deal with communicating through a multitude of channels. Just when we learned to deal with voice calls, faxes and emails, we then had to add SMS (which has its own language – .02 it’s gr8 LOL), MMS, IP Messages, Facebook, and the list goes on, to our communication repertoire. So how does one sound cohesive utilizing all these channels?  Well, the truth is that in this digital life we live, all these channels combine to form our “digital voice”.  How clear is your digital voice?

I think back to my childhood when we did not have mobile phones or the Internet, and life seemed more laid back. But the reality is that we have advanced and we need to learn how to use our digital voice on a personal, corporate and global level. From life-saving messaging during disasters and increasing efficiency in our work environment with automated messaging processes and managing marketing campaigns to providing access to mobile technology to our grandparents, messaging is growing in value as an essential communications tool. I am very excited to be involved in this dynamic industry where we leverage innovative technology to elevate our communication capabilities allowing us to connect  in the most cohesive and convenient way.

Thanks for reading our blog and all of us at TeleMessage look forward to sharing ideas, thoughts and ramblings with all of you.

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