XML Overview

The TeleMessage XML API enables you to send and receive messages which include voice, music, text, image, document; to and from IP Push Notifications, SMS, mobile or landline phones as calls, faxes and e-mails.

How it Works
Below is a list of steps used to send and trace a message:

  1. Developer’s system sends the message to be delivered using TeleMessage XML API.
  2. TeleMessage receives the message and reports MessageID and MessageKey for future status and reply queries.
  3. TeleMessage sends message to recipient devices and collects replies.
  4. Developer’s system queries TeleMessage for status and replies.
  5. TeleMessage reports replies & delivery status back to Developer’s system.

Here are further explanations and code samples to kickstart your integration:

Learn more about configuring Incoming Messages & Replies and sending Messages to Group Distribution Lists

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See a graphic overview of how the XML Messaging Gateway works.